Nasal Inhaler - Refillable

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These sleek and elegant nasal inhalers are a convenient way to carry and diffuse your precious essential oils.  Slip it in your purse or pocket as you would your favorite lipstick or pocket perfume. With a cotton wick inserted inside a glass bottle, you can easily change out your essential oil or blend to suit your mood.  These inhalers are eco-friendly for they help reduce waste caused by the traditional, single-fill and disposable plastic inhalers.  

One Set Contains: 1 Elegant and sleek case (cap & cover) - 1 Glass bottle - 1 Gold cap with diffusing holes - 1 Cotton wick - (Essential Oil(s) Not Included)

To Fill: 1. Remove outer cap  2. Unscrew gold cap from glass bottle (don't worry if the bottom cover comes off, you can slide it back on)  3. Place cotton wick inside a small glass bowl  4. Place 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential(s) oil or blend on the the cotton wick (5-8 drops for children.  Drop count is total essential oil drops: 5 Lavender, 5 Frankincense makes 10 drops)  5. Place cotton wick inside bottle with about 1/4 inch sticking out for easy removal  6. Screw gold cap on glass bottle and replace outer shell

To Use: Pull of outer cap, place below each nasal cavity and softly breathe in.

To Refill: 1. Remove outer cap and untwist gold cap  2. Remove cotton wick with tweezers   3. Place clean and fresh cotton wick in glass bottle with about 1/4 sticking out  4. Replace gold cap and outer cap